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Divesoft Nitrox Analyzer

An ideal tool for every Nitrox diver. An innovative, accurate, durable and user-friendly Nitrox Analyzer that fits in your pocket and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

NOTE: The Oxygen sensor is sold separately.

Item number :#8460
Item weight :0.15 kg
Availability :not available
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A small & smart pocket Nitrox analyzer that offers simple Oxygen measurement. The perfect partner for recreational and beginner Nitrox divers. Analyzing is easy and comfortable using the Divesoft App. No Internet is needed as the App operates offline.

The DNA does not include the Oxygen sensor. The Oxygen sensor is purchased separately as the DNA can be used with a functional spent rebreather oxygen sensor R22 (Molex connection) which is easily replaceable by the user. Help the environment by recycling your buddy’s rebreather Oxygen sensor during their annual sensor replacement.

Package includes: 

#8460 DNA (without the Oxygen sensor)

#3864 Semi-hard zipper case 75×150

We recommend:

#3001 Oxygen Sensor Divesoft 22S

#8009 Connecting hose

#1052 Flow limiter for QD connection

#8437 Professional flow limiter Mk2

User manuals:

DNA Quick Reference

DNA User Manual


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