Conversion FMCL to BMCL - Hollis PRISM 2 #1
Conversion FMCL to BMCL - Hollis PRISM 2 #2
Conversion FMCL to BMCL - Hollis PRISM 2 #3
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Conversion FMCL to BMCL - Hollis PRISM 2

Divesoft has retrofitted the CCR Liberty BMCL system to create a conversion kit for Prism 2 divers seeking to utilize the CCR Liberty robust BOV system, with our Manual Addition Valves located at the diver’s mouthpiece in order to clear the user’s chest and with streamlined back-mounted counterlungs to minimize the divers underwater profile and optimize work of breathing.

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Conversion FMCL to BMCL - Hollis PRISM 2


Backmount configuration has quickly become the most popular configuration among the rebreather community. This configuration keeps the divers chest clear and for easy access to D-rings and with the Divesoft Manual Addition Valves (MAVs) located at your mouth, the diver will always be able to reach crucial valves at any time. The Divesoft Bail Out Valve (BOV) is a low profile, neutrally buoyant mouthpiece with integrated Apeks 2nd stage components that will allow the diver to seamlessly switch from Closed Circuit to Open Circuit breathing rapidly. A crucial moment in any emergency is the transition between CCR to OC and a BOV allows the diver to quickly switch without the removal of a bulky loop or mouthpiece with a single hand.

Bail Out Valve

Divesoft BOV is included with this conversion kit to allow for rapid emergency access to open circuit gas.


Automatic Diluent Valve integrated into the BOV barrel allows the diver to easily turn on/off ADV gas during descent allowing diver to maintain adequate loop volume handsfree during descent or throughout dive.


Streamline counterlungs placed on your shoulder with robust OPV with a pull chord to dump gas. Easily removeable via zipper attachment mounted to Hollis backplate.

Manual Addition Valves

Divesoft’s unique system of MAVs provides an integral part to the conversion kit for the Prism 2. MAVs placed on the mouthpiece guarantee easy and consistent access to gas addition valves quickly without any additional bulk or weight underwater.

Back mount Counter Lungs Configuration

· Neutrally buoyant Divesoft Bailout Valve with best work of breathing and built in Apeks second stage regulator included with BMCL configuration

· Back mounted counter lungs configuration allows for clear workspace of chest and D-ring access and excellent work of breathing (2.6 KJ per liter at 40M)

· Divesoft Bail Out Valve integrated with MAVs and ADV in mouthpiece to allow for easy and rapid location of gas addition valves. This location allows for immediate access to Diluent gas and Oxygen added downstream of exhale side for proper mixing before reaching sensors.

· Diaphragm Automatic Diluent Valve integrated into counter lung T-piece to allow for diluent gas addition to create optimum loop volume and prevent improper gas vacuum with a descent.