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Add Fluorescein into your diver safety pack for every ocean dive. In case of getting lost in the ocean, the Fluorescein can be used to help to attract attention from the air. Fluorescein can also be a valuable tool to track water flow.

It is an organic dye marker that can even in small amounts intensively color the water green or even yellow-green, and it additionally shines in the sunlight. This significantly increases the chances of being spotted by a rescue boat or plane. The use of Fluorescein for rescue from the sea has its origins in the second world war, where it saved the lives of many pilots.


Packaging content: 20g of Fluorescein

Material: Fluorescein salt, CAS 518-47-8

Depth rated: 100m

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Fluorescein is not harmful in the form of

the dilution used for signalizing (in some countries it is approved as a food

coloring). When using pure or a high-concentration substance can however lead

to poisoning. Under the directive (ES) num. 1272/2008 it is not considered a

dangerous substance or mixture. When judged by the 67/548/EHS directive, it is

not considered a dangerous substance. The ampoule with fluorescein is waterproof

and can be permanently stored in for example the pocket of a diving jacket or a

dry suit.